Thursday, March 31, 2016

Miami Zoo

When the kids were little, I took all 3 of them, before Fisher came home to Miami for a few days before Peter could fly and meet us in Orlando.  The Zoo was so much fun and we finally got to back and feed the giraffes.  Not going to lie, I think I could feed a giraffe everyday -- love it.  

The zoo was so hot and they have surrey's that you rent to peddle around the zoo.   I think it would have been better to have walked it but too much for EB so we rented a 6 seater and peddled around.  It was not long before Fisher and Eyoub said forget it.  Tate wanted to steer it around the zoo and Peter and I peddled EB and Tate.  

Could have hung forever in the aviary.  

Can you see it?

Even the gorilla was hot!

Tate ready to drive!

Could not be more fun, feeding a giraffe.

And this guy was just wandering around. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Swamp Tour with Captain Bill

What do you do in Florida when it is chilly and you have a free morning.  You sign up for a private swamp tour in the Florida Everglades.  Truth be told I was not 100% enthusiastic about the tour but it  was so very much fun and Peter has wanted to do this forever.  The 2 hours went by in a blink and our tour guide was awesome.

This is what the boats were like.

There were "roadways" in the grass that we went on.  

A roadway.

Do you see it?

Can you see it?

The water was so clear it was amazing. 

There were some houses in the everglades and this one had a street sign.

So fun here as we looked for alligators in the bank and our driver took the boat to top speed at about 55 mph.

Thank you Captain Bill from Cypress Outdoor Adventures