Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beautiful Mommy!

Does he know how to melt my heart or what?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hard Times

EB has been having a couple of really really hard weeks. She is just not right and having the struggles of the past, struggles we never hoped to see again. It has been hard on all of us and Harper has had no tolerance for her. I understand that it is hard for a 10 year old but also know she needs to be there for her sister when she is struggling, just as she is for her brothers and her friends. Today at swimming EB needed a friend and Harper flat out refused to go to her and be her friend. This is her punishment -- she was given a list of things think about and write about.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Tonight was the big meet between VFC and LFC. It was a lot of fun but we missed EB swimming tonight but she was not feeling well so she hung out at home with Fisher.

Tate and his buddy Brooke, can you tell why he likes her?
Harper and Tate
Tate and Cam waiting forever for their turn.
Had to get a picture of his butt in spandex! Thinking it won't always look this cute.
Ready to go off the block!
And he is off!

Harper and Lizzie killing time with only 2 arms!
Harper ready to go!
Super serious Tate!
He is getting to be a pro now!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

For Father's Day we grilled out steaks and chicken burgers and had a nice time with all of us and Grandma and Grandpa. It was even fun to get a little face time with Uncle Joey and Theo. We tried to get a picture of everyone together but EB would not smiled no matter what the bribe was. May next year she will smile! :)

5 are gone!

Tate now has 5 teeth missing. He was so nervous about taking out his "2nd" loose tooth. This was very exciting to have him loose his 2nd tooth as his 2 front teeth got knocked out and his other 2 top teeth were pulled to help with his expansion of his pallet. We are hoping any day now he gets his two front teeth in.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Peter!

Today was Peter's 42nd birthday and we wanted to make it special for him -- after he cleaned the garage and I was done working for the day. We headed to RA Sushi for happy hour sushi and had a great time sitting outside and enjoying our time together.

Fisher could not get enough of the hot sauce. He is literally eating it from the spoon here while waiting for his 3rd order of gyozas.

All of us!
Harper needs to stop growing.
Daddy and his kids!
Mommy and the kids
EB, Fisher, Harper and Tate
Fisher is picking EB up here and she LOVED it!
This is Tate's new smile since he is missing so many teeth!

Fun at Oberweis with the kids for a little birthday ice cream.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Swimming at OBBT

This was Tate's first swim meet and he was so nervous about it but he was brave and wanted to swim. He had a private lesson with Coach Terry after practice to boost his confidence and he did great. All the kids have VFC swim spirit!

Tate and Joey being serious, if there is such a thing.
Tate and Joey doing funny faces.
Tate getting ready!
Matt, Tate and Cam
Lizzie, Anna, Maddie and Harper. Harper could not swim because of swimmer's ear but she was there to cheer everyone one!

Tate and Joey with Franking wanting in on some action but the boys kept him away by trying to grab him. I cannot post here on the blog about what was said.
Tate in line waiting to swim practicing his burps. Previously he had had been doing body farts with some of the boys. Not sure what is better!
Tate wanted to go off the block and got right up there. Terry is giving him a pep talk here!

Go Tate Go!

He made it all the way across without stopping! We are so proud!
EB is ready to go and has her war paint on. Nothing is more fun than writing all over your body with sharpie, right?

Hard to be a serious swimmer when your googles are on upside down!
In the water ready for backstroke!

EB doing the backstroke! She did great and cut time off for both freestyle and backstroke.