Saturday, May 31, 2014

Celtic's Soccer with Tate

We are so proud of Tate and his total focus on soccer. He is driven and wanting to be the best that he can be. He practices any chance he can get and plays hard. Great game Tate! You were a fabulous goalie and rock solid on defense. That ball was not getting past you!

Amazing stop for goal!!!

It was like you were flying.

Fitter & Faster Water Polo Clinic

This weekend our swim club, Lyons Swim Club, hosted the Fitter and Faster Water Polo Clinic.   This was truly a dream weekend for my water polo loving girl and I am so grateful that I got to be there with Harper to see her joy and delight.   Brenda Villa and Merrill Moses were the Athletes for the clinic and they are amazing from their kindness to their polo skills to those Gold Medals.   Truly, it was experience of a lifetime!  Thanks to all that made it happen!

Getting the goals in!

Olivia, Harper and Grace waiting for the athletes!

Welcome to Fitter & Faster!

Love that smile!

Merrill Moses, Brenda Villa and us!

Coach Doug, the girls and Merrill Moses and Brenda Villa.

Hanging watching the older kids!

So very happy!




Hanging in the pool!

Swim, Harper!

Brenda Villa

Harper in the pool practicing some passing.

Some instruction from Merrill Moses.

Merrill Moses

Harper is #20

Ready to take a shot!

And, it's in!!!!

Autograph time!

Autograph Time!

Dream Big!

SELFIES from Harper's phone....

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Almost a summer night

Sadly, I was easily conned into letting Tate stay up a bit later. He suggested we had out and play and I could bring my camera. I was not going to turn him down. He did a few poses, suggested we try a few things and then got his soccer ball. His goal was to get a few good pictures of headers and bicycle kicks.
Tate wanted to hide in the leaves to "see if my camera could find him".


Serious Tate!

He loves to lay in the grass and have his picture taken, don't know why!

Harper come out for a minute to say hi!

A header!

And another!

Keep it going, Tate!

Don't fall down!

He thinks this kind of thing is really fun!

Melting my heart!

Fisher came out in full on jammies to say hi!