Sunday, June 26, 2016


Such a whirlwind week since Huckleberry joined our family.  We have fallen in love with him and all I have to say it is crazy how Huckleberry and Casey can bring so much joy and laughter.   

Boys are at camp, we did the first round of moving today and had time for a pictures.  

Casey was hot and tired and Huckleberry was trying everything to get him to play!

Casey ready to play looking at Huckleberry.  They both love this red ball.  

He is bored waiting on Huck!

Love this little guy!

And love this big guy!

They are playing "tug of war".  

Harper and Colleen. 

EB and her new friend, Katelynn.  

Are there words for this cuteness -- H and H!

My favorite!  

And pretty new flowers from the yard!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

We said Yes to Michigan

Our annual trip to Tower Hill Camp in Michigan came early this year and over Peter's Birthday and Father's Day.  We came up alone and had a huge cabin.  Woke up to a lazy breakfast and a gorgeous day!

Fisher refuses to show us his "guns" for a picture.  They are HUGE and all I want is a picture so here they are trying to get him to pose for a picture but not the success we were hoping for.

Such love and everyone always says, Fisher is their favorite sibling.

No braces 
Casey and EB hanging -- besties 24/7.

Who knew you could spend an hour watching Casey chase a tennis ball and hope for the perfect picture!

After the beach this morning we went to lunch and to go Go-Karting.  Harper had to have this picture.   Thank you Peter for removing the hanging plants.  

Ready for the races.  AND how is EB that tall?

Peter on Casey duty.  Read the sign to his left about Fancy Women.  

She cannot wait to get her own wheels!

Pure focus and the girls quickly passed him. 

So happy and such a good driver!

I could barely get him to look at me!

Staying Cool!

These pictures speak for themselves.

And then back to play with Casey.   We need to find a large, open and secluded field at home so he can run wild.

LOVE this picture. 

So fun for us all to have Casey off duty!

He looks like he is smiling here!