Saturday, April 27, 2013

Three Headers in a Row

Fisher achieved all that a 9 year old boy wants to achieve. He got 3 headers in a row in soccer. It was so crazy and I cannot believe I had my camera ready to go. What are the chances. Fisher said the only thing better to have happened was a bicycle kick after the headers.

More Summer Preparation

This was Levi and Dad working on the grill. Notice in both pictures Levi is almost more into it than Dad is.

Before (first picture):

After (second picture):

Getting ready for Summer Grilling

Finally the Daniels got a new grill. It has been ages. We did not just get a grill but a Kamado type of grill. Peter could not be more excited about it and I love that you can smoke things in it! I am confident we will be grilling all week! Every one enjoyed the set up of the grill, from the kids painting and creating items from the packaging to Levi just sunning himself and licking his chops in hopes that Grandma and Grandpa will come and drop him some food.
Charcoal is dirty work!
Filling the grill up!
Harper painting some circles.
Hard at work.
EB painting too!
Fisher hanging out!
Harper painting.
Tate created a sword and a shield.
Fisher and Levi.
Don't let Peter's look make you think he is not excited about the grill.
EB's artwork!
The Grill!
My Lion Tate!
Levi licking his chops!
The Grill in Action
Going gourmet with hotdogs!
And as Peter will point out forever, it is female friendly!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Baseball Fun

Monday night baseball was a lot of fun. The weather was gorgeous and we were playing Tate and Fisher's friends, Daniel and Quinn.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Fun

Finally some great weather with some sunshine and a high of 45 we headed out to the yard to soak up the sun! EB stayed in and crafted and watched a marathon of "How This Is Made".
Harper and Fisher

Crazy Daddy!

Tate is really into doodling lately and set up shop in the clubhouse overlooking the trampoline and got to work.  

Look at those little hands!  


Harper got some air!

Fisher got some air!

Peter got the most air!

Thankfully no one can work my camera to get a crisp clear picture of me getting some air.  

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Soccer!

Soccer started this week and we kicked off spring season with a Tournament for both boys. Saturday's weather was cold and super windy so I did not even take out my camera. Both Daniels boys were the first score a goal for their teams.
Tate kicking the ball towards the goal.

Tate realizing that the ball went in!

Celebrating his victory!

Trying to repeat the success!

Fisher celebrating his goal!

Ready to throw in the ball!

Fisher got to play goal! 


Diving for it!

Putting his all into defending the goal!

Block it!