Sunday, December 28, 2014

Roadtrip Santa

We took off over Christmas for 12 days on the road and that included dropping Harper off at camp in Colorado Springs.  It was so much fun even though it was 3600 miles and way more than 54 hours in the car and 9 states.  We had a little time on our hands so we wrote a song.  It is no Holderness Family video (Christmas Jammies) but hope you will enjoy it.  

Friday, December 26, 2014

Austin -- I may love you!

So I could have spent a week in Austin just seeing the murals, taking pictures and eating at the food trucks.  We spent about 10 hours and jammed everything into that span and had a blast and it left us longing to return.  So much fun and from the pictures you can tell, Austin, I may love you!


I just could not stop taking pictures despite the drizzling rain and the kids were in the car before I could be pulled away.  I wish I had had more time for my fun Lensbaby to play with.  I wanted to capture it all.  I loved this Cathedral of Junk and was in awe of how it was built.  


So I had a list of about 6 food trucks to stop at and we only made it to 3 and the Cupcakes were all sold by the time we got to Hey Cupcake but that cupcake on top was sure cute!  

The delicious tacos we have were not as pretty to take a picture of as the Big.Fat.Donuts.



One word, LOVE!!!!!

Could this be more perfect?

Kids were less than enthused to have their picture taken here.  

Oh, my heart!

Fisher, EB, Harper and Tate

Around the corner from Baylor Street


Can you guess which child noticed this?

so the boys may be "hooked"


some shopping and pizza for dinner

He looks good, not like a casual guy but a sports guy -- his words.

 GOODBYE, Austin.....