Sunday, June 29, 2014

Portage Park Water Polo 2014

Love that Harper gave me a few minutes to sit down and look at pictures today from Portage Park. Her favorite ones were the ones where she said she looked really strong. These are the ones she liked and she even did some "effects" on the pictures. Way to go my strong girl!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

St. Rita Water Polo with Lyons

It was so fun to have a morning to go and see Harper play Water Polo and not focus on anything else but here. Harper you make it look easy and I love the look of determination on your face and that smile.
she is fast

she is tough

she will not give up

she is focused

she is strong

she is not intimidated

she will out to do her best

she is out to get the ball

she is out to score a goal

she is always willing to play

she is always alert

she has good form

she will not give up

Her fans may not always watch

but we always love you, Harper!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Medieval Times

Joe, Annie and Theo are in town and it is Annie's Birthday week. What better way to celebrate but to head to Medieval Times for the Birthday Court! A merry old time was had by all!
Me and Joe!

A knight!

A Knight in Training Program

Harper and Grandpa

Grandpa and all his Grandkids!

Wave your flag for Annie's Birthday!

The kids!


The King and Queen.

Getting ready for the show.

Some action shots!

Only picture I got of the boys cheering on our Blue Knight!

The Winner