Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mr. Good Example

Tate had a great year in 2nd grade with a great teacher, Mrs. Ali. I am so proud of his award -- Mr. Good Example. Way to go Tate!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Success Night at School for all the kids

Tonight was Success Night and the Art Fair at school. It was a very busy 90 minutes!

Mrs. Robertson's class with Fisher.

Art Class with Mr. Noffsinger.  You don't get much cooler than him!

Music Room

Library to see Harper's artwork!

Mrs. Steinmeyer's class for Harper.
Tate's class with Mrs. Ali.

Mrs. Schremser's class with EB.

Mrs. Whipple with EB.

Harper's class with Ms. Reda.

The Art Fair!

Prepping for First Communion

Saturday is our big day and we are almost ready.  Shirts are pressed, hair is cut, shoes are bought as well as socks!  So excited that this big day is here for both boys and they get to share it together, makes it that much more special.  Even the fake mustaches have arrived just waiting for pictures come Saturday!

Just thought this was funny...

I was asking the boys what they wanted for First Communion and they did not even know they might get gifts. Tate thought for a long time and said, "The Body of Christ". When I told him he would get that at communion he quickly moved on to a Kinect Game.