Monday, July 27, 2009

VFC Summer Fun

Summer fun at the VFC.  

Friday, July 24, 2009

Take me to the fair....

Today we went to the County Fair, one of the kids' favorite summer activities. They love it there from the animals to the food to the rides. Thankfully it was not very not this year. We went with Peggy, Andrew and Ms. Focht. The girls with a bunny names Hershey.

Tate and Peggy out for a walk. This may be where Tate decided Peggy was the one for him.

Weaving wool that was just sheered.

Learning about flood water.

The kids got shaved ice and I think put more flavor in it than one would ever want. Not a neat treat.
Nothing could be more fun than this. They loved it. If only we could have it in the backyard. Life would be calm and happy with them strapped in jumping away. Who need a trampoline.

Tate was a little unsure but got into the swing of things in no time. Once he saw EB do a flip he was convinced.
The girls soaring. I could barely watch them.

EB loved this dog. His name was Panda.

Harper gets her ears pierced.

Harper has wanted her ears pierced since she could talk. I wanted to make it very special for her after we did not do it our first trip to the mall. What would make it more special than having Grandma take you. Thanks Grandma!

Look at that great smile.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Need I say more about Tate and his bottlecaps.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Harper was convinced that during conference week there was not going to be any kidnapping. She was speechless and her mouth literally dropped open when Meg walked in. So fun to see her surprised.

EB goes to the zoo!

EB got invited today to go to the zoo with Peggy and Taylor came to. She had a wonderful time and the pictures show it. Thanks Mrs. Curry for taking her.

Swim Team Fun Week

Conference week of swim team is very fun for the kids that make conference and those that come to cheer the team on. Harper made conference and EB was her cheerleader!

Nothing was more fun than getting your nails painted by Ms. Meg.

EB loved swim team so much!

8 and under playing pass the watermelon in the pool.

Way to go Harper on Conference!