Saturday, January 26, 2013

Think About It

One of our favorite ways to correct the children is to give them a Think About It.  They work like this.  The kid is given a theme, a favorite one is "being respectful" and a number of lines, usually starting at 3 and sometimes going up to 20 for major infractions.  Then they have to find paper and something to write with.

They don't have to do them right away, or at all really.  But they can't watch TV, play video games, use the computer or any other electronic device until they're Think About It is done.  In practice, most Think About It's are finished in about 2-3 minutes after they're doled out.

Think About Its are wonderful corrections.  The kids are quiet, they have to stop what they're doing, pause, reflect and work.  They're a great way to snap Tate out of a crazy spell.  They're also a great way to end Harper's ongoing audition for the next Disney Channel Teen Brat Antagonist.  In fact, they're so good, they can flip Harper into an audition for Disney Channel Teen Angel.  Here's her latest effort:

Think About It
By: Harper

Around lunchtime this afternoon, Mom had prepared a pizza.  It was a Home Run Inn brand pizza, and those are not my favorites.  So, I unnecessarily stomped my foot and demanded a different lunch.  Mom gave me several options, but I refused all of them.  This behavior was inappropriate and disrespectful.  Instead, I should have listened and calmly chose one of the other food choices.  Again, I didn’t do so and chose to argue.  Dad told me to stop and eat, but I yelled and cried again.  All of my decisions were poor and in response to wanting, needing, to be right.  I have a tendency to argue in order to be proclaimed victor.  Being correct should not be important, but respect should.  

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Visit to Sidama Post 2

Round 2 of pictures. Fisher is so so so excited. He is a little sad he did not get pictures of his goat and he said they may have eaten the goat. :) So happy to have such an excited little boy and love seeing the smiling faces of his Ethiopian Family.
Marta, Fisher's mom.

A Visit to Sidama

These are a few pictures we got from our searcher that went to see Fisher's family. He promised more to come but said they were so so excited to see new pictures of Fisher and they were all doing well. I am so excited Fisher is coming home at lunch so he can see these. Thinking I will run to Walgreens and even have them printed for him so he can have them all afternoon at school.
His sister, brothers and niece.

His house.  He keeps telling Tate how he cannot wait to take him there so they can play soccer and  climb  his  coffee tree.  It was so sweet that Tate said how much he loved Fisher's family because they gave him the best brother in the world.  We agree.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Visiting Peter's office

The kids LOVE going to Peter's office and I had a dream of taking loft looking pictures there. So, after a little Ethiopian food, we thought we would stop off for some fun! The kids had fun but my dream was not fulfilled. The kids wanted nothing to do with pictures. They only wanted to drink pop.
Harper striking a pose.
Tate was beyond happy, perhaps he had not had his afternoon dose yet and Fisher was very surly.

Looking so angelic.  

His angry eyes!

Posing with Peter.

This was the look I was going for but not accomplished.  

Another one that is close but not close enough! 

Finally they were done!

The girls posed this picture and they were finally happy!

Fisher with his pop!

On the way home in 10 degree weather I was showing them a fun park and they all wanted to stop.  They made the most of the 8 minutes they could handle the cold!
Harper not too old to play!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spring Dreaming on Such a Winter's Day

Today was a beautiful spring day for a January 12, so we took an impromptu ride to Fullersburg Woods for a family walk.  Even Levi joined us.

Here's Fisher before he gladly gave up his jacket (I'm hot!) to a freezing EB.

Tate exploring the lower level of the nature Center

Girls in pink, boys in red, dogs in maize & blue.

Peter sporting his new neck warmer, a handmade gift from Mimi.

Disturbing the ducks.

The kids' favorite part of any walk through Fullersburg woods is the water pump.  Fisher had one like it in Ethiopia.

EB trying to figure out how to get a drink and pump at the same time.

Fisher, pumping iron.

Do not try and bend the water... only realize the truth: there is no water. 
Hitting the trails.

Jill making her boys pose...

And pose...

And pose.

Bumps on a log

Checking out beaver country

EB displays a beaver chip

Recent evidence of a busy beaver

EB stuffs her purse full of beaver chips

This looks familiar



Harper & Fisher posing

Fisher, after mom told him to pose.

EB Posing

Fisher clowning around with the dog.


More Harper

A rare picture of mom and dad (Thanks, Harper)

Tonight, we're supposed to get 1-2 inches of snow.  The kids can't wait, but we're really grateful for a great walk on a mild day!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Matt -- From Tate

So sorry Matt that Tate cannot be there for your birthday! Hope it is a great day!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day -- 2013

New Year's Day was spent relaxing and hanging out as a family. We all took a vote as to what to do as the Outback Bowl Tickets never dropped in price and everyone was sold on driving to Siesta Key, about 2 hours from Orlando.  The kids did not miss a beat in the morning getting dressed and packing up for a day at the beach!  Could not have been more fun!
Peter taking Tate into the water.  Big step for Tate to be in the water.

Tate and EB wasting no time looking for seashells.

Tate jumping over a wave.

EB hard at work making a wall around her big mound. 

Digging down for shells.



Harper standing in the middle of EB's creation. She dug a hole so deep it came up to her knees.  

Peter hanging out watching a bit of the game -- he figured out how to record it at home and stream it on his iphone from home on the beach.  

Tate helping with the wall.


Busy working.


Fisher with the first sandcastle he had ever built. He was so very proud.

Fisher, isn't he cute?

Fisher checking in on the score of the game.

EB looking so old!  She reminded me that in 2013 she was going to be 11!

Fisher trying out a surf board.  He crashed a moment after this picture was taken.


Saying goodbye to the creation.

Right next to us a sand artist had created this awesome alligator.  



Peter outside is Grandma's villa in Vista Hermosa.  So fun he could take us back to where he spent every spring break as a little boy.