Monday, February 24, 2014

H2O Polo

Harper had her last weekend of water polo training on top of at tournament with her club. So basically it was a lot of water polo and a lot of time watching her. Good thing I had my camera to catch some fun in the stands.
How is she getting so big?
Tate and Peter.  Usually we call Tate the pipsqueak because he is so small these days compared to the others but here he is looking so much older!
Tate and Peter
Tate loves to make that face.
Getting instruction!!!

I realize these pictures are very grainy but I loved them as they show her shot and how far out of the water.  
Fisher has grown so much taller than Tate, it is crazy!
Harper is pretty darn tough!
And focused!
And wants to get the ball, every time!
And often times does!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happiness is Water Polo

Harper wearing her most prized possession, her ODP Water Polo Jacket and getting ready to start her last weekend of practice with the Midwest Zone before they compete in Salt Lake City in March. Love seeing her love something so much.

Pictures from Ethiopia!!

Our friend Yonas went to visit Fisher's mom Marta and his brother Yosef. Skyping did not work out this trip with them as timing did not line up. Getting these pictures and seeing Marta holding Fisher is almost like they are together in person. What a gift.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The snow keeps coming!

Nothing says fun like a day off of school and a ton of snow. The kids really cannot get enough of it even if they have to help shovel it!  Fisher was was the only kid that was willing to pose for pictures and hang out for a few minutes.  The others have lost interest in my camera!  Fisher wanted to make sure I got adorable pictures of him.


Working on a snow angel with a slow shutter speed.

Telling me what to do!

He wanted to recreate Harper's snow picture.  Harder than it looks.
It is super fun to be the first one down the slide with lots of snow on it!


Nothing says fun like throwing yourself backwards into super deep snow!

There was so much snow that he thought it was great fun that Peter was shoveling it onto him.

A selfie.

Peter pulling him out!!!

EB's turn to get buried.


Look how buried EB is.  Fisher worked hard!

Breaking free!

Nothing like a snowball fight to get the party started!

Go get Peter!!!!

Tate took advantage of a "tower" during the fight!!!!  Look at his look, it is pure evil.