Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012 was a little different this year, all the kids went out with friends or YIKES, alone like Harper. It was still a great for all of them.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sleeping Boys on a Fun Saturday Night

Saturdays in the Fall mean Michigan Football for the boys. The late kick-off for Michigan at Nebraska was too much for the boys. They fell asleep before they could see the end.

Soccer Saturday

Today was Soccer Saturday. Fisher had 2 games back to back and Tate had one. I did not get many good pictures of Tate during his game as he was on the other side of the field but Fisher was all over the place!
Watch Fisher in this series of pictures... Love his face.

He really wants the ball!

Go Tate!!!!

Fisher was very aggressive today -- too bad tis picture is blurry!

He was giving me the look -- no more pictures....  Maybe because he played 2 full games back to back and never stopped running.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tate's Art Enrichment

I got to be in Tate's class today for Art Enrichment and it was great to see him so happy and chatty (almost too much so) during AE. The kids did Chagall. I love Tate's picture!

His class.
Tate and his picture.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lyons WP 12U 3rd Place Champions

This weekend was the 12U water polo championship.  Both Tate and Harper played the 3 games.  Harper got a lot of playing time and Tate got some time in the pool too!
The team!

Tate waiting to play but has his cap on to go in at a moment's notice.





Tate got to play for the last 2 minutes of the last game.  He was so excited to get the ball and did a great job of throwing it as the other player was coming towards him.

Way to throw that ball Tate!

And it got passed to another player who then went on to score a goal!

Harper and her friends after the big win.  

Tate was so so excited to get his medal.

Smiles all around!


LOVE this picture of Tate, his excitement was like we have never seen before.   It was like he had a gold medal.

Two of my loves!  Love that they still have one more season to play together on the same team.  So bummed I did not get a picture of Harper swimming over to him in the pool and squeezing his cheeks and telling him how cute he was.  

Harper and the girls with their medals.

Harper got to work the scoring table for a few games.  So so fun for her!

The team.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fisher is 9!

Today is Fisher's Birthday, the date that we chose for him, 10/13/03.  We worked with our doctor to figure out the most accurate date we could.  We based this on bone age x-rays, hormone levels and dental records.  We had a 4 month window she felt comfortable with, and the boys decided Fisher was older, and that Tate could stay the baby!  It all worked out perfect.  Next step, court to legally change it.

The Chalkboard by EB
Harper made the cupcakes!

Fisher and friends right before we left for the movies.
Fisher blew out all 9 candles.

Getting ready to eat his cupcake!

One Bite!