Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Welcome to America"

EB got a great book set from her friend at her party and today decided she wanted to make the smaller book for Fisher. I had no idea what she was working on (with Grandpa who said he added only 1%) and had tears in my eyes when she showed it to me.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Writer's Restaurant

Today was the Writer's Restaurant for 3rd graders and it could not have been cuter. Harper greeted me and Tate with our menu and took us to our seat. She was so excited and it was hard not to share in her excitement. We loved our menu and choose everything. Harper did a wonderful job reading us each and everything one of her items. I could not have been more proud of her.

Our Waitress

The Menu

The Tablecloth

The start of 3rd Grade -- "I am Harper Daniels"

"A Sprinkle of Fall"


"2 Wheels"



"Adler Planetarium"


"The Chicago Fire"


"America's Champion"

Elizabeth, Sophia and Harper

Harper and Anna

Satisfied Customers

Mommy and Tate

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Indian Guides - Comanche at Camp Tecumseh

You couldn't ask for a better setup. The forecast was sunny and 72 degrees. The place was Camp Tecumseh. This was the Camelot of Indian Guides campouts and I wasn't going to miss a minute of it. So Tate and I headed out on Friday night for the 2-1/2 hour drive to Brookston Indiana. It was still light when we got there, so we grabbed some bunks,

and headed out for a little fun. First we checked out the playground with Brae Brae Smash.

Then, Tate slid down the Arrow.

It was getting dark pretty fast, and can only mean one thing: time for a campfire. I'm sure we were in bed by a reasonable hour in some timezone.

Saturday was time to do everything Camp Tecumseh has to offer. First, horseback riding.

On the way, Tate found a bird's nest so we dropped that off at the nature center.

Then, it was time to make a candle.

It was still morning and we had barely scratched the surface. So, we took in some views of the Tippicanoe River...

...and headed over to the climbing wall...

so Tate could ring the bell.

The climbing wall doubles as a lookout tower, so we went up and looked out.

Can you believe it? It's still not even lunch time. So, we headed over to the bridge...

checked out the teepee...

...and the colonial village.
After lunch, we definitely needed to find the Ghost Cabin.

I found the Ghost Cabin last year with another Comanche / Fox dad leading the way. He took us on the "scenic route," a few wrong turns, up and down some steep slopes. Somehow, I took pretty much the same route. We went with Brae Brae Smash, because he'd never seen the Ghost Cabin, either.

Anyone seen the Ghost Cabin?

At last!

Tate was underwhelmed.

No time to rest, we needed to try the Black Hole. Tate was not at all sure he wanted to slide down through that tube. But, maybe if we went together...


Since I had bought some riflery tickets, Tate went shooting. The target survived unscathed. The archery target was not so lucky.

Tate found his true passion-- the obstacle courses. I'll spare you the 7-1/2 minute video of him completing an entire course, so these are the highlights:

How-How, Chief Tecumseh!

Time for a wagon ride back to the Lake Village.

No time for rest, Tate wanted me to paddle him around the lake.

After some down time and dinner, we started the Saturday Camp Fire. Before long, the procession came to lead us to the ceremonial circle. This was passage: 4th and 5th grade boys were graduating from the program. I saw guys with patches on their vests dating back ten years and got a little misty eyed. We'll be doing this for a few more years , so I needed to pull it together.

We called the spirits of the four winds:

Then, all the boys did their Tribal Cheers. The Mighty Comanche took second place with this beauty:

That could make you hungry so we headed back for smores and burgers and late night antics. The boys eventually went to bed and there were no major injuries.

The next day, Tate slept in a little. OK, he was the last one up.

But we barely made breakfast at the lodge.

We played a little GaGa (not to be confused with Lady GaGa), a little teatherball, and said goodbye to Camp Tecumseh.

Until the next time.