Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chicago History Museum

Today we went to the Chicago History Museum and had a great time. We had never been there before so it was fun to do something new in Chicago. It was also great fun to take our friend Abel with us for the day.

EB standing up for Women's Rights.

Love that the boys could all learn together about when there was a time in Chicago when black and white children could not go to school together.  So glad that times have changed.

A Chicago Hot Dog!

EB thought Harper was pretty darn tasty!

Love the fun city view!!!!

Looking down on a low riding car!!!!

Thought the car was super neat and loving learning why the low rider car has a cultural significance in Chicago.

All aboard the train to Elgin!

In a Street Car!

Harper hanging with the ladies on the platform!

The kids were not impressed with the Vivian Maier photographs!

Tate soaking in the view from the great Chicago hall!

Monday, December 30, 2013


Today we were looking for something fun to do and we decided to go to the Hofbrauhaus with Grandma and Grandpa. Tate and Grandpa were not so sure about it but the two of them had a great time. We stayed over 2 hours we loved it so much!

Loving a little music.

Goofing around.

Hugging and posing for the camera with the silliest face you have!

Grandpa and the girls!

Fisher loved watching them play and was so focused.  

What is that I see Tate?  A Smile?

Fisher gets to play it!!!!

They do have fun together.

Nothing is more funny than having Tate make Fisher talk until it is no longer funny.

Peter went for the biggest beer he could get!

If you give a tip and ring the bell you get a fun dance!

Grandpa tickling Fisher!

Loving on Grandma!

Tate sitting on Fisher's lap -- I do imagine Tate in years to come when he is legal, we only hope, coming back and partying at the Hofbrauhaus.  Tate can be the life of the party!

See, it is fun!!!

Goofing around!

It only got fun when they said to stand on your benches!!!!  

A little chicken dance is good for the soul!


Love a shot of all the kids with some of the band!

Even at 13 you still need your Grandma!

Look at this swiss horn!!!!  We could not wait for it to come to our table.

Tate thought it was awesome.
How fun to give a tip in here!
It was very impressive!
Fun times!!!

That takes talent!

A group shot outside in the 12 degree weather!