Friday, July 25, 2014

Skype with Fisher's Family

Today we were so lucky to get to be able to Skype for over an hour with Fisher's family in Ethiopia -- with thanks to Yonas Abebe our friend in Ethiopia. The joy and love his family has for  him makes your heart grow. His uncle was there for the chat as well as two of his older brothers. His sisters are in Saudi Arabi working as housekeepers. I have one happy little boy here that keeps thanking us for letting him talk with Marta, his Ethiopian mom as we call her.

Marta and Yosef

His uncle.

Seems his brother is silly like him.

Fisher's niece.

Fisher's older brother.

Sending hugs and love!

Saying goodblye

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge

There once was a little boy named Tate who had a dream and that dream was to go to the Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells. He watched video after video and compared all Great Wolf Lodges so much so that even Facebook and Google knew that he wanted to go to the Great Wolf Lodge in the Dells.  He even sold it to his brother and sisters that it would be the best place on earth (his mom and dad were not convinced but wanted to bring their children nothing but joy).  So when we told the kids on Monday night we were leaving first thing in the morning for the Great Wolf Lodge the screams erupted and there was nothing but joy.

Hanging with Paul Bunyan before we could even check in.  

First view from our balcony -- do you see the joy?

Water slide and wave pool fun!!!

Love my Harper!
Peter totally kicked their butt -- at 45 he is still a kid at heart.

This picture cracks me up!!!!

Love you Peter!

Waiting to get the water dumped on them!!!!  

The Tornado.  

Harper claims this picture is misleading and Harper was actually the one carried the tube all 21 times she went on it. 

Posing with a creepy bear, Harper said should be in black and white to make it not so creepy.  

I think everyone agreed that no one had more fun that Tate.  He LOVED his wolf ears and even was acting out being a wolf.  lol

Felt like he was in love with this place!  Literally giving Great Wolf  Lodge a hug. :)

Harper is truly my favorite. ;) -- said Harper. 
Picking the totem pole's nose. 

Girls thought Zoltan was super fun at Paul Bunyan.

My sweet EB!

When you are a kid with ADHD and let loose in the Great Wolf Lodge you may do this 100 times in a row!


Saying goodbye, Tate still wearing his wolf ears!  Could barely get Fisher and Harper to pose for a picture.

Because we could not head home without a picture of the high-heeled cow!

Love that Harper wanted to take a few more pictures.