Saturday, September 28, 2013

Walk in the city!

Today I stole away a few hours to do something totally fun in my book! I went on the Clickin Moms Chicago walk with my friend. I was a tad nervous in the beginning as I was not sure what to do and I was out of my box being creative about taking pictures of a subject that was not my family but I got into it. I decided to do my walk with my fisheye (was totally eyeing all the full frame cameras) and thought I would do some creative selfies.
Gorgeous late September day in Chicago where I dare say I was a tad hot!

Do you see me?

Nothing like a brand new black shiny car for a portrait.

All the times driving in Chicago under these overpasses on 90/94 I have never walked over 90/94.  What a cool view.

Have to love all the flowers around.

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My shadow!

Lisa on a bike!

Taking some pictures of each other with our cameras!

Kind of like this one!

Outside Union Station.  I never stop to look during my commute.

Inside Union Station.

Metra trains.

Union Station.


Being creative and shooting from the hip.

A fun day with a fun friend.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday night soccer

Tate had a big game tonight against Celtic's Rival and his good friend Joey plays on the team. For the 1st half they were each goalies. So fun! The game ended in a tie!
Of course have to start with a picture of Peter that I took getting my camera read.

Total focus for the ball!

He went for it and it was way over the goal, thankfully!

Great catch, Tate!

Playing hard.

Putting his all into the game.

Fabulous save.

Total game face on!

Joey and Tate.

Ogden School Pictures

Today was picture day at school and I always take a picture of the kids but today they were having none of it. They each complained about getting their picture taken. They are not the best as I was trying something with my new lens and they would not hold still long enough to adjust it but I think they are still pretty cute kids!
Tate -- 4th grade

EB -- 6th grade

Fisher -- 4th grade

Love this picture and Fisher's eyes.  Pretty much says it all.  

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tate's Sunday Soccer Game

Today was a perfect fall day with the sun shining and in the 60s, where you could not decide if you were hot or cold. Tate's team had a soccer game and even though they did not win, they played great.
I believe that was a header!

He is very serious.

All action.

My little keeper.

Way to go Tate!

Always a good kick.

Just saying these look like horns and he is wearing a red shirt.

He was waiting for the ball to come to him, totally ready.

Reached up to grab it and it went above the net.

On the way back down.

That ball went far.

Total 100% concentration. 

Always quick to get it back into play.

He played hard!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Water Polo Tournament

Lyons Swim Club hosted a Water Polo Tournament today and Harper was ready for action. Tate was at Great America so he did not participate.
Getting ready.
Game face on.
Making a goal
Going after the ball.
My favorite polo shot ever of Harper.
Her favorite cap!  She always wants 21.
Swim Hard.
Go after it, Harper.
Total concentration.