Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back in the day...

I was very sad that my mom did not have my first communion dress because I wanted my girls to wear it. Maybe not after seeing the picture. Peter said he is confident that my dad was on a most wanted list back in the day.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Harper's First Communion -- A Perfect Day

Harper could not have had a nicer day. The picture that Heidi Peters took of Harper is as perfect as her day.

Harper's First Communion -- Out in the City

We had such a great time at tea we could not let the day end without a walk around the city and a trip to the American Girl Doll Store. Ellie just could not wait to take Annie there for her first time.

Looking up at the Hancock Tower. Tate was not sure what
he was to do here and looks frozen. lol


EB so happy at the American Girl Doll store. Check out that treehouse. If we had the space and $200 to spare I would have been all over that treehouse for her.

Posing with "Allow Me".

Annie's loot from the American Girl Doll Store.

Harper's First Communion -- Tea

We had tea at the Four Seasons Chicago, where else do you go when you are so dressed up?

Harper and Ellie

Could not resist a moment to pose the kids for a picture.

Tate ready to get eating. Little did he realize he was not going to love what they were serving.


Bridget joined us for her first tea. Glad it could be with us.

Ellie and Bridget.
Ellie brought 2 dolls with her and shared one with Annie. They even had little highchairs for the dolls and that made Ellie and Annie so happy.

Grandpa and Tate.


Mary Ann and Theo.

Grandma and Tate.

Betsy, Tim and Bridget.
The girls toasting.
Theo and Aunt Rachel.


My baby.

Ellie taking a break to color with such a great view.

Dessert. The girls could not have loved dessert more.

Grandpa and Harper.
Harper and Grandma.

Uncle Joe and Aunt Rachel.

Betsy, Bridget, Harper and Tim, her godfather.

Touching up the lip gloss before we leave.

Thanks everyone for being part of Harper's special day.

Harper's First Communion -- Cousin Fun

While we were at mass with Harper, EB and Annie were having a great time in the yard. Look at the size of that bubble that EB is blowing.

Harper was so excited to see Annie. It was so cute when she looked at her and said "You are so big." Harper was digging being the really big girl.

Peter and Theo. I think he could not be cuter. We are so glad we got to meet you.

Lunch before tea!

Theo is going to town on that mesh food thing he has.

Harper's First Communion -- Church

We lined up in Joyce Hall before Mass and this is a picture of us before we walked in. I think it is a great picture of the three of us.

The West Family.

The Narbutis Family.

Harper and Mommy.


Daddy and Harper.

Mommy and Harper.

Walking home. I have a picture of Peter and Harper walking home from Ellie's baptism like this and I remember it like it was yesterday.

Harper's First Communion -- Friends

Harper really liked seeing her friends before the mass started. On the walk over we ran into Olivia and the girls could not stop posing for pictures.

Elizabeth, Caroline, Laura, Harper and Olivia.
Ignore the red eye.

Harper and Olivia.

The hair!

So much to talk about.