Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Break Fun in Chicago

We all had a fun, fun day in the city. The boys got invited with their friend to see the Circus and sit in a box! That my have been the most exciting thing to have happened to them in a long time! They loved everything about it from walking the halls, to the ice cream sundaes and being able to watch the Michigan Ohio State game when they were bored watching the Circus. I also think they liked escaping the camera for a few hours while Peter and I and the girls sat down below!
Pre Show, the girls dressed up and posing with a clown!

Harper and EB!

I had the camera ready for when the lady show from the cannon.  Can you see her?

Waiting on the boys!!!  My goal for tomorrow is to get a picture of the boys in these hats.  Not sure how successful that will be!

We went to eat at The Ethiopian Diamond for a late lunch/early dinner.  We thought we would stop by the zoo nights at Lincoln Park on the way home and we got lucky with a parking spot.  The weather was pretty mild and we found the hot chocolate.

Friday, November 29, 2013


It was just a fluke we learned that Jewel was hosting the Clydesdales and we ran over to check them out. It was very cool to see them all up close, walking around the parking lot. It was truly a once in a lifetime thing!
The trucks

They are so massive and beautiful.

Check out Clyde up near the drivers!

The Clydesdales do ride in style.

Clyde was busy walking around the top the entire time and Tate thought he was the cutest dog ever.  Sorry Levi!

Missing Harper!

Tate noticed his teeth.

EB noticed their bows!

3 of my <3 td="">

He game me a big smile!!!

Kids being interviewed for the paper.

Here they come again!
And Again!!!!

EB LOVED their braids and roses.

So  much fun!!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It was just the 6 of us for Thanksgiving and Peter and Harper made a great meal with some help from Tate. I made the stuffing, I have to have credit for something.
The Turkey!

Peter and Harper.

Peter has his gloves on to rescue the turkey!

Careful, Peter!

And it is out!

Isn't it pretty?

So I had a great idea to get a family picture before we ate and set up the tripod. Once the kids discovered the remote we decided to keep it on during dinner and dessert.  The remote made its way around the table.  These pictures crack me up.  Took the best of the 200 they took!

I rescued the camera for a few minutes to snap few fun pictures of the kids.  

Tate attempting to give Fisher a wet willy.

Tate ready to eat Fisher like a turkey as he said!

Tate wanting to see if his tounge could touch his chin!  High entertainment at our dinner!

Harper made a wonderful cake and even let EB help her.  Did you notice the writing on the plate.  Harper wanted me to make sure I knew that 6 seasons of Cake Boss was not wasted. 

Harper's cake

Peter's pumpkin pie.

A test picture before Peter came in for another round to get a perfect family shot.

The kids waiting.  They are not amused.  Pretty much sums up the day by looking at each one of them.  Tate is coughing, Harper does not have time for this, EB is bored and Fisher is happy and chilling.

Best family shot of the night thanks to a tripod and a remote.

EB now has control of the remote!

Have to love that Tate has a mouth full of cake but yet is using no silverware.
If you made it through all the pictures you can catch our Thankfulness Video here....