Thursday, December 29, 2011

Zoo Lights

We headed to Brookfield Zoo today as it was WARM in Chicago -- 49 degrees! Does not get any nicer than this in December!

It was very smelly looking at the Hippo and the only one of the kids that could not handle the smell was Fisher.  The picture below cracks me up.  He had just gotten done telling me he saw these in Sidama!

Picture of us finally!

LOVE this picture of the 4 kids together!
Time for some playground fun!

EB wanted to run off with the Wolves!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


My cousin Alyssa was in town for Christmas and we were so glad she came out to spend the night with us. We were excited to show her the City and after much debate about what we were going to do we decided on lunch in Chinatown! We all had so much fun and the best part for the kids was they got Whistle Candy. It is nice and loud -- what is better than candy and loud?

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Christmas day was wonderful and full and we were so thankful for all we have. It was wonderful to have Fisher home with us this Christmas! Christmas morning is not complete without the kids singing a carol for us before they can get their stockings.

Present time!

EB was so excited to share her pottery that she made for us.  We love it!

Fisher made us an ornament in school and it was enough to melt anyone's heart. We love you Fisher and glad you are part of our family.

My Little Santa Clauses.

Pile on!

The last present was a big one with a treasure hunt at the end.  There were 4 nested boxes and they lead to Tate opening up a box with 2 cans of vegetables and a note to go to the Wii room!

Waiting outside the Wii Room to see the new XBox which we had convinced them they were not getting!  They were so surprised.
Breakfast -- tried to take some great pictures of them like all the places I got the recipes from -- it was wonderful to have a nice homemade breakfast to fill up on!
Blueberry Breakfast Cobbler.
Sausage Bread!
Cinnamon Rolls!
Grandma and Grandpa come and bring the highly desired toys!

Off to Indiana to see my family out there.  David is always so so happy to see us.  We love him so much and it was great he was able to get down and play with the boys.  

David was so excited to show off his racing shirt with his name embroidered on it by Stitches So Sweet.

No trip to Indiana is complete without sitting in the race car!

Fisher and David playing some PlayStation!
Peter and Uncle Bernie.

Alyssa and Harper.

Uncle Tom, Grandpa, Uncle Bernie and Aunt Mary Ann

And now Silly Faces!