Sunday, April 27, 2014

Celtics Cateni Soccer

Sunday was Fisher's turn for soccer. Thankfully the game was able to be finished before the rain came and the boys won!!!
Fisher's gif.  He was not impressed.

Fisher puts his all into the game.

Get that ball Fisher!

He is a fast runer!

Fisher's #1 fan -- everyone needs a brother that loves you with everything they have.

Fisher even admitted his head hurt after that one!

A brief time in goal.

Balance, Fisher!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Celtics with Tate and Fisher

Fun game with both boys playing on Tate's team. Fisher was tired and stayed home from Tate's game but with just a phone call that Tate's game was down a player, he was dressed and in the car with Peter! So fun to see them play together again. Fisher made a few goals and Tate had the game of his life.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday Fun!

Today was pretty darn perfect!  We had gorgeous weather, we were all together without any activities, had some candy and some fun times and got to celebrate Ellie's birthday!  Does not get much better than that!

Easter Egg Hunt with the Focht Boys!

Ellie put all the candy in the eggs, spread out the eggs and was like a maniac collecting the eggs.  Very DIY at the Daniels.

Waiting for pictures!

Did I really think we would get a good group?  Hoping Ruthanne had better success!

Peter hid a special egg for the belated celebration for EB!

Candy focus!

Harper made a lamb cake for Easter.  Isn't he cute, held together with frosting and chopsticks?

Time to sing to EB!

Check out that cupcake and those dirty little hands!

Great birthday chalkboard by Harper!

Tate had a full day, he kept laying down in the grass and then would get up and run again!

Get that ball boys!

Time to rest!

Fisher has some air!

Is that how you throw a football?

Mom and Dad!

Easter Pictures

The day is gorgeous -- FINALLY! I took the kids for a few minutes to get pictures and they were less than enthusiastic about picture taking. One of them had a very bad attitude but thankfully turned it around before we got home.
Always a willing subject.

How is she so old?

Best shot I was going to get.

So much for sisterly love!


Harper would have taken 100 pictures, thankfully!

Fisher in action!

Tate had to get a picture at home!

Looking old!

His bunny pose for Easter!