Sunday, September 23, 2012

Water Polo to Soccer

Today was another fun filled day with the kids. Tate and Harper started the morning off by playing water polo together for 2 games. It was so nice Harper was there for Tate as he was so nervous to play in his first real game.
Harper's first goal!

Tate just after he got in the water, ready to play!

Tate and Harper both in the water Harper (7) and Tate (2).

Another goal -- great goal but bad picture!

Tate chatting with his coach after his first time in the game.

Harper chatting with her coach.

Tate truly putting his all into the game.

EB and Fisher found a quiet corner to play their Nintendos.  

Harper and Tate hanging out together on the bench.



Tate ready to swim to the center.

Way to go Tate!  He went right into the action to get the ball! The kid he was guarding was so big, Grandma said he could have swallowed Tate.

Tate working hard!

Tate has the ball!

Where is Tate, dunked under!

Harper comforting Tate after he got out of the pool in tears from getting dunked. 

Lining up for the end of the game!  Thinking Tate may be the smallest kid on the team.

OFF TO NORTHWESTERN to cheer on Michigan Soccer!

The Boys and their friends ready to see some soccer!



The Team!

So much fun the boys got to be on the sidelines watching the game.

Harper tossing the ball back in that was kicked out.  She was bummed she could not keep it.


Okay I admit it, I had a lot of envy over that lens! 

After the game meeting some players and getting some signatures.

Tate got his shirt signed and thought it was the best thing ever. He will be wearing it to school tomorrow.

Harper getting a signature from #16.

Fisher and Tate and the coolest goalie ever.

The boys along the lakefront.

Truly they were having so much fun!

A visit to the DU house.  Peter has always wanted to take the boys to a DU house. Thinking this one was pretty tame and it was a Sunday night!

The DU crest.

All the boys posing!

Some of Peter's pictures.....

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Soccer in the City

Today we were off to a soccer game in the city with the boys. It was a crisp fall day and it was windy but the boys played great. Tate was so cold though he had to be layered. Fisher braved the cold like a trooper! AND the boys won another game.